Adventist Christian Fellowship at MIT (ACF@MIT), formerly Campus HOPE, is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian group. The group was founded by a group of MIT students in the fall of 2012 that recognized the importance of Christian fellowship in the college experience. By the end of the fall semester God blessed the group with the privilege of becoming officially recognized.

In its first year, ACF@MIT was able to achieve some important milestones. These included the two lectures series, “The Search” and “Discipleship”. These two lecture series dealt with some question that we felt many college students have grapple with. “The Search” explored the questions that often surround creation, evolution and the existence of God in general. The Discipleship lecture series challenged students to reconsider the implications of of being a True Disciple of Christ. addressed how we are able to continue our Christian walk during our college years. In addition to the lecture series, ACF@MIT held two events during Campus Preview weekend. The purpose of these events was to introduce the pre-frosh to all the ways they can remain connected in their Christian faith and also guide those who wanted to explore Christianity.