Name: The name of the organization will now be known as Campus HOPE (Helping Others Prepare for Eternity).


Purpose: This organization or society will serve as a fellowship group for Seventh-Day Adventist undergraduate, graduate, part-time, and full-time students. A primary purpose of Campus HOPE is to have edifying Bible studies for its members and others interested in studying the Bible to lead others and ourselves closer to Christ. In addition, we purpose to positively impact the MIT community through outreach activities and service. Campus HOPE’s purpose is to inspire, encourage, and challenge its members and participants to live faithful Christian lives in harmony with the fundamental teachings and beliefs of the Bible and the Seventh-Day Adventist faith. In order to prepare others and ourselves for Christ’s soon advent, we should let our lives and words be a witness to those with whom we come in contact and to those who are hungering for the Word and knowledge of Christ.


Membership: Membership in Campus HOPE will be given to MIT stu- dents who attend three or more Campus HOPE events in a semester. The membership will be available to all undergraduate, graduate, part-time, and full-time students of the MIT community. The Campus HOPE group com- plies with the MIT non-discrimination policy and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin. If three or more members agree that a member has discrimi- nated on the basis of any of the aforementioned circumstances, the charged member shall immediately lose membership and the privilege of becoming a member for a semester.


Officers: This organization will consist of four officers: President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary. The president and treasurer must be two distinct MIT students. If the organization feels the necessity for additional officers the present officers may create new positions at will. Members will elect or nominate a member to fill any newly created position. If a committee is created for a specific purpose, the head of that committee will not be considered an official officer. Those elected as committee heads are expected to adhere and subscribe to the beliefs aforementioned in Article III.


Officer’s Responsibilities:

President: It is the duty of the president to call, preside over and adjourn all meetings of Campus HOPE. The President is responsible for applying for and obtaining meeting places for the Bible studies but may delegate this responsibility to another officer or committee head. The President may also be chose to become responsible for performing other various duties that are required by the organization. The President shall be responsible for registering Campus HOPE with the MIT Association of Student Activities (ASA) or doing whatever else is needed administratively to keep Campus HOPE as an ASA recognized organization. The President will also maintain contact with Campus HOPE chapters at other universities in the Greater Boston area or around the World.

Vice President: The Vice President will assume the duties and respon- sibilities of the President if he/she must resign from that position. The Vice President shall preside over the meetings if the President is unable to attend, assuming the responsibilities and duties of the President for that meeting. The Vice President shall be the supervisor of all committees within the organization and shall settle any disputes between or among the com- mittees. The Vice President will also assume the responsibilities of the Public Relations Chair. The PR chair’s responsibilities include making con- tacts/network within the community and advertising as needed. Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain a detailed record of proceedings and events of Campus HOPE, including meeting minutes, contact informa- tion, and photographs. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining correspondence between appropriate parties. The Secretary shall also main- tain a list of all official members, and those who attend the Campus HOPE meetings, Bible studies, and activities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will be separate from the president. He/she shall be responsible for and keep a record of all fiscal matters. The Treasurer will be responsible for signing all necessary financial paperwork and is the sole signatory for the funds of Campus HOPE.


Elections: Elections for officers should be held before the last days of classes as laid out in MIT’s academic calendar. Only eligible members shall be nominated, run for office, and elected, as explained in Article III. A minimum of three or a third of the members is required for the elections. The candidate with the majority vote will be deemed the winner. Votes shall be tallied by at least one outgoing officer and one non-affiliate of the MIT Chapter of Campus HOPE (e.g., a Campus HOPE officer from another chapter). All elected Officials will hold office for one year.


Voting: Contentions shall be resolved by voting. Only official members of Campus HOPE are allowed to vote. Official member status requires that you meet the membership obligations of Campus HOPE as stipulated in Article III.


Meetings: Campus HOPE shall meet once a week for Bible study. The President shall call administrative meetings of all the members if deemed necessary. The board of officers will meet at least once a month. The President shall have the authority to order a special meeting whenever he/she deems necessary. A minimum of three or a third of the members is required for the administrative meetings.


Amendments: A minimum of three or a third of the members is required for any amendment of the Constitution. Two-thirds of the votes cast by members, as determined in Article III, are required in order to vote on changes to the Constitution. All amendments after being successfully voted on by Campus HOPE members must then be forwarded for approval to the ASA.


The Campus HOPE agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, and its executive board. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.